Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sometimes the people that should be on your side get in the way the most.

Today when we got home my boyfriend put all his crap in my belly dancing space. When I asked him to help me put it away he made some excuses about 'well this goes outside' and 'I don't know where to put that'. Well where was it before we took it with us today? So I shoved it aside into the dead center of the hallway and I did my dance practice anyway. He can trip over it when he goes to work tomorrow. Is that passive aggression on his part or what? He complimented me two nights ago for cleaning the space, and now this? Plus my practice wasn't much fun because I was mad by then.

That's the same thing that happened to the counter space I cleared. He set his Christmas cooking stuff there and it's still there. And he wonders why we never have a clean house.

I did a lot of schlepping of stuff at the archery workshop today, so I got some exercise that way. But my knees were not happy tonight. Basically I want to dance like the Pussy Cat Dolls and I look more like a lame St.Bernard.

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