Friday, August 01, 2014

Today My Weight is 316.2

A while back my scale broke. My boyfriend's mother gave us her old scale, but I never could get it to work consistently. Then she died last April. Without the nagging a scale provides, I started losing track of my weight. After she died I felt like I was eating everything in site. Finally, here it is July and I was getting really worried. My ankles were getting all puffy. My favorite shorts were getting too tight. So I told my boyfriend I was going to buy another scale. Of course he said, "But we already have a scale." But a scale that doesn't work is just a big paperweight. I'd been on the Paleo/ juicing diet a week and I wanted to see if I'd made any progress. But who knows. I got on and my weight was 15 pounds higher than it had ever been in my life. Egads! I had already made lifestyle changes. I had started to swim in the community pool again. Eventually those changes will be reflected in my weight. But for today, I'm really discouraged. When I was at my daughters for 11 days in July I was eating a lot of fast food. I mean I'd already made the shift to healthier eating when I got back home.  For all I know I lost 10 pounds this week, since I don't know what my weight was when I started.

I'm glad I have a scale now so I can keep better track. Part of the problem is when the heat is in the triple digits, I hardly move at all. My head is pounding even now. For the better part of 3 weeks it has been over 100 degrees. I just walked out to water the garden and I about died. It is 101.7 right now at 3 PM. Yikes.
Update: I feel a bit better this morning, because when I weighed myself it was down to 312.7 and so I'm using that as my baseline. They say to weigh yourself at the same time each day. and typically for me that is right after I get up in the morning, and before I've had anything to eat or drink.

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