Friday, April 27, 2012

Taming the Sugar Monster

This is the second day of me trying to eliminate most sugar from my diet. I'm not taking extreme measures. I'll still put ketchup on my french fries, for example. But I'm weeding out soft drinks, ice cream treats, cakes, cupcakes, and things that are pure sugar like candy and cotton candy. 

I don't know how wise it is to try to make major changes just now, because we may be losing our apt. It just went into foreclosure, and then sold. The new owner wants to fix it then sell again.  That is stressful enough. On the other hand, my weight is making me so unhappy, I really am in a crisis situation, and the only time there is, is now. And I'm realizing that most of my comfort foods when dealing with stress are things like pancakes and syrup. I really have no desire to eat pancakes without syrup. Ditto with donuts. And junk food like Cheetos. So I'm not coping well with the stress at all.

My boyfriend isn't the least bit supportive. Last night when I told him I got through a whole day without soda, he didn't even say anything.  When I asked him to say something, he said 'great, or wow' or something like that, with zero enthusiasm.  After all the times he's nagged me to give up soda, you'd think I'd get a bit of moral support. Yesterday his mom took us to dinner at a restaurant I hate.  I don't hate it because of the food, I hate it because they always sit us at one of those curved booths and I can't fit without the table impaling itself on my stomach. I just grin and bear it but it makes me want to cry.

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