Thursday, August 09, 2012

Heatwave in Anaheim

We are having a heatwave. I need to focus on drinking more water today.  I keep meaning to crochet water bottle holders so I can take water on my walks. I started one at an SCA event. I just need to finish it if I can find it.  Nothing every seems to get unpacked when we get home and it can be the devil finding things.

The other day I was walking over some laundry and a pain shot through my foot.  It was spiking pain up my leg about every 20 steps.  The pain stopped by evening, but now I'm really worried about walking very far. I try to cling as close to my apartment as I can in case I have to turn around and walk back home.

My last daily walk before I hurt my foot.

Tummy tummy go away.
I hope to get a ride to the library today so I can sit somewhere cool. It's too far to walk, especially in this heat.

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