Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Twilight Hike

Sometimes my goals work at cross purposes. My goal to read a book a week got behind because family visited for 3 days. There is no way I'm going to read with a crawling baby and a 3 year old in the house. So today I tried to read half a book so I wouldn't get behind on my new goal. Suddenly I realized it was almost dark and I hadn't done any fitness for the day. So I decided a twilight hike was called for. I just had to make sure I was home before dark, because wandering around in the desert without a flashlight isn't a real good idea. I was aiming for a 30 minute hike but I was home in 20 minutes. Oh well, I'll plan ahead a little better next time, but at least I did it.

Azurite Road

Hedgehog cactus

Two large rocks

Two old trucks

S curves

Twilight Hike

The long and winding road.
Almost dark


Heather Millenaar said...

Awesome post are beautiful scenery

Fayme Zelena Harper said...

Thanks Heather. That's the same road you hiked up with Guy.