Monday, January 06, 2014

Country Fitness

I decided to make my word of the year Fitness. I could have made it create or dance or something more fun to me, but I will do those things anyway. So fitness it is.

The last 3 days my work-out was chasing around the 2 grandkids I haven't seen in 6 months. The boy is almost 3 and the baby just started to crawl. Mom brought them over for my birthday and we did kid things for 3 days including 2 parks, shopping and running around my giant yard. I'm so tired, so I was declaring today a rest day.

Monster Trucks
Busy all the time

Unfortunately my boyfriend declared it 'help the neighbor by cutting down 3 trees' day, so my fitness today is hauling  branches and tossing logs either into the cart or over the fence into our yard. Fun, but, more tired.  But we still have one more tree to do so I'm going back over there.

We also hung up five lines worth of clothes.

That's what I call fitness country style.

The first tree was the easiest. The next two were buried in shrubbery.
Free firewood, but we earned it.

Resting between trees.

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