Monday, January 27, 2014

The Belly Dancing Arborist

Today I was determined to get enough exercise. No one was here but me, so I went out in the yard to stretch and warm-up to belly dance. Suddenly I felt someone watching me so I turned around. It was my landlady who lives next door. She's like, "Whatcha doin."

So I say, "Getting some exercise." She says, "My friend and I are pruning all the fruit trees. Wanna help?" How could I say no. We pruned six trees and picked up most of the branches. I got a lot of exercise, even if it wasn't the kind I had intended. My arms are still shaking from holding the loppers higher than my shoulders to cut branches. Fun and a good work-out. And eventually I'll get a lot of fruit to eat. She's very generous that way. And we got to snack on almonds that had fallen off and dried in the hot sun. Now for a nice shower because all the tiny scratches on my arms are starting to itch.

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